Ladderless Window Cleaning:

We cover the Calderdale area and have become a leading, independent, specialist window cleaning company. We have worked hard to build an excellent reputation for supplying the highest level of service, whilst keeping our prices at a realistic and competetive level.

We use the latest pure water fed Gardiner pole system which enables us to clean your:

  • Windows
  • UPVC frames £20
  • UPVC doors from £5
  • UPVC gutters (outer edge) from £20
  • Fascias from £20
  • Soffits from £20
  • Cladding from £20
  • Solar panels from £20

All of the above can be cleaned to a height of 40 feet safely from ground level. The pure de-ionised water drys clean on the window cancelling out the need for old fashioned squeegees.

Even previously inaccessible windows can be reached with our water fed pole system and there is no need for ladders. This means no damage to your property or garden, maintained privacy and minimised risk to staff.

How does pure water clean windows?

Water is pumped through a hose reel, up a telescopic Water Fed Pole and through jets in the brush where it is sprayed onto the glass. When the brush contacts with the surface of the glass and frames, it lightly agitates the surface, loosening the dirt. Any dirt or dust particles are flushed away by the constant stream of water.

If ordinary tap water were used it would result in the glass appearing milky white in color when it dries, and you will be able to write your name on the glass surface with your finger. Try it! This effect on the glass is due entirely to the mineral content of the tap water.

Pure water cleans windows because it is the equivalent of water. This means water without any mineral content. When pure water dries it leaves the window clean because pure water does not exist naturally hence it absorbs atmospheric elements (dirt etc) as it returns to it's natural state.

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