When were your gutters last professionally cleaned? Unseen standing debris in your gutters can cost ££££ in damp and roof damage.

The old way:

Cleaning and maintaining gutters has often been a dangerous procedure using ladders and a man with a bucket. Without going up a ladder yourself you never knew if he'd done a good job. For higher and awkward gutters tower scaffold or an expensive cherry-picker machine were hired.


Both these methods have been replaced with modern safe equipment which conforms to all health and safety laws and saves you money.

The new way:
  • An industrial professional wet and dry gutter vacuum
  • With a reach of up to 35 feet perfect for residential and commercial properties
  • Far reach internal vac heads for use in areas such as sports halls
  • Work undertaken by insured staff
  • Safe, clean & affordable
I'm not sure my gutter needs cleaning:

Don't leave it till it's too late and serious damage has been caused.
The cost?

Save £100s perhaps £1000s of future damage by making this small investment thereby protecting the value of your home.

Difficult to reach gutters?

The gutter below was at the back of an M&S store and was unreachable by ladders.Two other companys had failed to clean it. Using our gutter vac system an operative was able to clean the entire length from the vantage point where this photo was taken.
  • If any of our customers refer 5 other customers who have their gutters cleaned, that customer will recieve a FREE gutter clean the following year.
  • If your next door neighbour has their gutter cleaned at the same time you do then you both receive a DISCOUNT from the usual fee.

"Having been quoted a considerable amount for tower scaffold to reach my 3 storey gutter I was so relieved when I contacted Far Reach. The quote was a fraction of the first quote and they were quick, clean and friendly. I highly recommend them." Mr M Gore

"My neighbour had hired Far Reach and we decided to get ours cleaned at the same time. They did a great job and gave us both a discount. I'm very impressed with the price and service." Mrs J Simmons

"We literally had some turf growing in our gutter but the vac they used cleared it all out. Amazing! a job well done!" Mr P Stanley
*Please note: Should a leak occur in a gutter/gutter joint etc after it has been thoroughly cleaned by Far Reach we are in no way liable. It is the clients resposibility to attend to leaks and gutter repairs. We can however recommend a competent gutter repair service should you wish.

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